See It: Autistic Man Who Can’t Speak Full Sentence Has Stunning Singing Voice


A British autistic man who has never spoken a full sentence is blowing audiences away with his incredible singing voice.

Martin Finn, 23, receives full time care from his parents, John and Norma Finn, of Atherton. His parents even wash and feed him.

He rarely says more than three words at a time, but his pitch-perfect voice has people flocking to see him perform around the country.

“The gap between his disability and his ability makes him one in a million but that is how we have always seen him,” his 64-year-old father John, who is a retired builder, told the Sunday People.

“He can do nothing himself and will always be a toddler trapped in man's body,” he said. “But music is his life and it has given him life.”

Martin, who was diagnosed at age 3, began attending Landgate School, a special needs school in Wigan, when his talent was first discovered. Since then his parents have bought him more than 1,000 CDs, DVDs and videos. He even began reading books on music, although he never was able to read in school.

John says his son hears a lyric five or six times then is able to sing it back in tune.

He has sung for audiences of up to 1,000 people. He comes up with a set list with his mother Norma just before performing – planning any further ahead makes him agitated.

His parents are hoping to find someone in the music industry to help Martin cash in on his talent, so they can raise funds to care for him after they’re gone.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

Image screenshot: RTE


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