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Secret Homeless Community: 'The People of the Woods' (Video)

A group of homeless people, who call themselves “the people of the woods,” are living in a forest in Browns Mills, New Jersey.

Meg Baker, a reporter from My 9 NJ, recently gained access to the secret community, where some people have lived for up to 20 years (video below).

Baker was told about the mysterious group by one of her neighbors, Tracy Janusz, who volunteers at the Christian Caring Center, a local charity that provides food and services for the homeless.

Janusz warned viewers: "No young person should see what's going on in there."

Baker was taken into the homeless location by another Christian Caring Center volunteer, Madeline Mears-Sheldon, who explained how the homeless people would be better off in shelters with normal health care, instead of being rushed to a pricey emergency room at taxpayer expense.

Most of “the people of the woods” are unemployed and have nowhere to go locally as Burlington County doesn’t offer homeless shelters.

The homeless people used to live down by a river, but authorities took away their meager tents, so now they are living among the trees like animals.

“The people of the woods” told Baker that they can’t afford to pay rent and feel forced to live in the forest.

Source: My 9 NJ


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