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Second Autopsy Reveals Real Cause Of Death After Woman's Fatal 'Butt Lift' Surgery

A post-mortem revealed that an Australian tourist who died while undergoing a butt enhancement procedure in Mexico had her lungs punctured four times during the surgery.

The family of Evita Sarmonikas, 29, had ordered a second autopsy after her tragic March 20 death. What they found was that Sarmonikas’s pierced lungs were the cause of death and not a heart attack as the family was first told, the Daily Mail reported.

“We ordered and paid for a second autopsy which was conducted by specialists in forensic medicine,” Andrea, the victim’s sister, wrote on a Facebook tribute page dedicated to Sarmonikas. “Contrary to what was ruled by the doctor of the Attorney General of the State of Baja California; the second autopsy determined that my sister was perforated on more than four occasions in the right lung, causing a hemorrhage that led to the death.

“Evita did not die from a pulmonary embolism nonthrombotic as we where (sic) first advised," she added.

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The “Brazilian butt lift”procedure took place in Hospital Quirurgico del Valle in Mexicali, the capital city of Baja California in Mexico. The family is now looking to take legal action and have requested more information about the doctor who performed the surgery.

“We have now lodged the report of the second autopsy through the proper criminal procedures,” Andrea explained. “In addition, we have also requested that the Public Prosecutor requests information from the Secretary of National Defence to see if Dr. Victor Manuel Ramirez Hernandez, who is an accredited specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries, has the knowledge, training and licensing to perform liposuction and buttock Lipoinjertos like the ones he performed on my sister.

“Because a query conducted by my legal representatives, through the INFOMEX system, has revealed that in the Hospitals of the Secretary of National Defence they in fact do not teach or practice surgery for cosmetic purposes," she continued.

Andrea says she is determined to discover the “real causes” behind her beloved sister’s death.

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“I will not leave Mexico until the individuals whom participated in the surgery that caused my sister's death take full responsibility,” she added. “There is nothing we can do to make Evitas (sic) life returned (sic) to us.

“I will never be able to fill the huge gap that is left in the heart of my mother, in the heart of our community and also in mine," Andrea explained. "But we can, and we will, work our hardest to ensure Evita's death is not in vain.”

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Dr. Ramirez made headlines in 2012 after using a photo of Kim Kardashian in an advertisement. The billboard featured the curvy reality star with the tagline “Don’t risk your beauty or your health,” a bid to encourage people to book their procedures with a professional licensed plastic surgeon as opposed to an unlicensed one.

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The hospital in Mexicali has been shut down.

Sources: Daily Mail,Boston News Time

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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