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Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Claims Special Water Helped Him Recover From Head Injury

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson claims that Reliant Recovery Water helped him recover from a head injury that he suffered during the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers earlier this year.

Wilson was blindsided by the Packers' Clay Matthews after throwing an interception, but the quarterback later led the Seahawks to an overtime win, notes

"I banged my head during the Packers game in the playoffs, and the next day I was fine," Wilson recently told Rolling Stone. "It was the water."

Wilson is an investor in Reliant Recovery Water, which costs $3 per bottle.

Wilson also claimed that a teammate had a knee injury that was miraculously healed, thanks to the water, notes Rolling Stone.

"Well, we're not saying we have real medical proof," Wilson's agent Mark Rodgers added.

Wilson reportedly shook his head, and stated, "I know it works. Soon you're going to be able to order it straight from Amazon."

Sources:, Rolling Stone / Photo Credit: Mike Morris/Flickr


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