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Video: Seated Yoga Twists for Kids

Today we’re going to be doing some twists with Alea.

“Hi, my name is Alea and I’m 7 years old.”

Alea’s going to show us how to do three different twists.

The first one is a simple seated twist. You can do this sitting criss-cross like Alea is or sitting in a chair at your desk at school. It’s really good to give you more energy, to massage your internal organs, and to increase your posture and give you nice, good, solid posture.

So, to do a seated twist you are going to sit with your sitz bones nice and grounded into the ground. Then inhale and take a deep breath in. As you exhale twist to one side. Put your hand on one knee…

The second pose that is a twist for kids is called washing machine pose. This one is lots of fun. You need to cross your arms across your chest. From there you need to start making a ’swish, swish, swish’ sound. There we go, that’s it, speed up that cycle…

The final twist we are going to do today is sometimes called deer pose because it looks like a deer bounding through the forest. To do this you are going to sit with both legs out in front to of you. Then you are going to bring one leg up. Reach your left arm behind you and your right arm reaches for the sky, twinkle those fingers…

Thanks Alea for doing some twists with us. How did those feel?

“Really good.”

Do you like twists?


Thank you.

And that’s all for today from I hope you have enjoyed these twists and that you do them often with kids that you know. Namaste.


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