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Sean Hill Dies From Playing 'Choking Game,' New Teen Craze

Sean Hill, a ninth grader, died on April 26 while playing the so-called "choking game" in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Hill was a student Discovery Canyon High School, reported

Hill's family released a statement through the Academy School District-20: “Sean died accidentally while experimenting with what’s commonly referred to as the ‘choking game.’ [His family] has asked us to encourage you to please make safe decisions.”

"They could have seizures, they could have serious long-term injuries including brain injuries, and we've seen children die from this," Dr. George Hertner told

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the choking game is played mostly by teens to get a momentary high and pass out, but sometimes it ends tragically.

However, even deaths from the choking game have not dissuaded some teens from doing it and placing a video of this bizarre fad on the web.

The CDC also says that 87% of victims who die playing the game are boys, and most are alone when death occurs. Parents are advised to look for symptoms such as: bloodshot eyes, marks on the neck and disorientation.

Since no drugs or potential jail sentence are involved, young people see it as a safe and natural way to get high.

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