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Sean Hannity Defends Rutgers University Coach Mike Rice's Abuse of Players (Video)

Fox News host Sean Hannity and his conservative guest Michelle Malkin defended former Rutgers University men's basketball coach Mike Rice, who was fired after he cursed at players, used homophobic slurs and physically abused them (video below), reports

Rice was fired on Wednesday after ESPN aired a video of him kicking players, throwing balls at the heads of players and shouting “f*cking f*ggot” during practices.

Hannity, who claims to support family values and gets upset over people cursing on TV, stood by Rice's abusive behavior.

“He’s trying to bring the best out of them, put discipline in that team, raise their game, force them to focus, push them become champions and that takes intensity,” Hannity claimed. “It’s like a drill sergeant. Are we now going to fire drill sergeants because they get in the face of cadets? Is that next on the list of politically incorrect things we can’t do?”

“...I can understand, stop hitting them maybe, but I like the intensity, I like the drive, I like that he’s pushing those kids and he runs a tight ship. Maybe we need a little more discipline in society and maybe we don’t have to be a bunch of wimps for the rest of our lives.”

Later, Hannity and Malkin segued from Rice's abuse of his basketball players and boasted about the spankings they endured as children.

“My father hit me with a belt, I turned out okay!” bragged Hannity. “Except in the minds of liberals.”

“Same here!” Malkin said. “Oh, I certainly did. And with more than a belt. I’m sure the left thinks we are warped minds.”

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