Health Screenings Could Soon be Free - Another Reason to Get Them


Many health insurance companies already provide screening tests such as Pap tests, mammograms, and colonoscopies at little or no charge to patients. As part of the health care reform, they will be free to patients. The reason why is the idea to save money in the long run by catching things early.

Because of my lovely medical history, I have had annual mammograms since I was in my 20s. I was privileged enough to have a sigmoidoscopy in my 30s. I had a colonoscopy in my 40s. I am the model of early testing. If I hadn't been having mammograms for so long, my breast cancer would probably be far more advanced when detected.

My husband got a pass by his doctor at 50 to wait a year before his first colonoscopy. At 51, he had a malignant polyp. He didn't want to have one. Now after what he has been through he says he would rather have a colonoscopy every year than go through surgery again.

Apparently only 63% of Americans over 50 have had a colonoscopy. And the reason is they are scared. Well, if I had skipped all my screening tests, where would I be? If my husband had skipped his colonoscopy, where would he be? Dave Barry summarized this a few years ago and it is worth rereading.

At this point in my life, I am so sick of going to doctors. I am no longer a patient patient. But I still get my screening tests. I just wish I could go for one day and have them all and then get all the results as well. That would be the perfect medical system.


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