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Former Party Girl Loses 80 Pounds After Overhearing Friend Insult Her (Photos)

A British woman decided to quit drinking and partying, and shed more than 80 pounds in eight months after she overheard a so-called friend ridiculing her at a Christmas party.

Caroline Gooster, of Irvine, Ayrshire, admits her teenage lifestyle of binge drinking and takeout food caused her to balloon to 226 pounds, according to the Daily Mirror.

Even though there are so many trendy diets on the market, the 24-year-old could not stay on a diet for more than two weeks and she became even more miserable.

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“I heard one of my friends whisper, 'Don't worry about the leftovers - Caroline will hoover them up,'” Gooster said. “I knew I was big but didn't realize what other people thought of me - especially what I considered to be a friend.”

That is when she decided she needed to change her lifestyle.

"Whenever I lost motivation or wanted to eat a burger I'd say to myself, 'No, I'll show her' - and I did,” Gooster, who now weighs just over 140 pounds, said.

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At her heaviest, she took in almost 4,000 calories a day eating six rounds of white toast, two bags of chips and snacking on cake and ice cream, the Daily Mail reports.

But as soon as the New Year came, Gooster bought a cross trainer and went back to eating healthier. She consulted with a nutritionist, signed up to the Cambridge Weight Plan and started running.

"Coupled with that I just remembered what my ‘friend’ had said and that just spurred me on even more,” she says. “At the start I was doing light exercise, but as I increased the amount of food I ate I started to introduce more. Now I'm fitter than ever and have found a sport I really love, which I never thought I'd say!"

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Sources: Daily MirrorDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Caters NewsAlan Cleaver/Flickr Creative Commons


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