Scottish Island Runs Out Of Water Because Of Ice Bucket Challenge

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The water system on a Scottish island shut down because so many residents did the ice bucket challenge last weekend.

Colonsay, with a population of 135, is without water after the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerois (ALS) charity craze took off, hitting its peak on Sunday evening.

The 8-mile-long island’s water system automatically shuts off to cut waste. The system likely thought there was a burst water main.

Water engineers were called out five times over the weekend, David Johnston of the Colonsay Brewery told The Sun.

A Scottish Water spokesman said that residents were still able to used stored supplies even though the system shut down.

In one month the ALS Associated has raised more than $80 million in donations, according to Forbes.

A Scottish teen drowned in a Quarry in Fife after taking the challenge on Sunday. He is believed to be the first and only fatality since the craze began.

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail, Forbes

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / dun_deagh, Facebook


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