Scissors Discovered Inside Man's Stomach 12 Years After Surgery (Video)


After suffering from intense pains in his stomach for 12 years, a 53-year-old man finally found out what was causing his pain – a pair of scissors left inside of him by surgeons.

According to reports, 53-year-old Karp Ponomaryov of Kazakhstan went through surgery 12 years ago, but unknowingly, his surgeons left a pair of scissors inside of him. Since having the surgery, Ponomaryov suffered sharp stomach pains, especially after eating large meals, but he ignored it and kept moving on with his life.

Suddenly, one month ago, the 53-year-old lost his appetite and began to lose weight rapidly. When he went to the hospital to get checked, an X-ray revealed that there was a large pair of scissors lodged inside of him.

“I've never seen anything like this, maybe a surgical swab occasionally but a huge piece of surgical equipment like that should have been missed or at least noticed sooner,” Dr. Baurzhan Aybaev, 44, said after finding the scissors on the X-ray. “It must have been painful. It appears the surgeon, who retired three-years-ago and has since died, forgot them in patient's body during a surgery 12-years-ago. He now needs another surgery to remove the scissors.”

Ponomaryov reportedly has no plans to sue the hospital or the doctors who originally left the scissors inside of her and is asking that the scissors be removed as soon as possible.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, The Daily Star / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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