Scientists Discover 'Vampire' Treatment Helps Regrow Hair in Bald People

Men who are going bald may have the chance to grow some of their hair back with a new treatment that injects their own blood into their scalp.

It is called the "vampire" treatment, and involves the growing of new stem cells below the skin, assisting in hair regrowth and anti-aging benefits.

Doctors inject "platelet-rich plasma" into the skin where balding is occurring. 

Researchers at the International Hair Research Foundation did a study with 45 patients diagnosed with alopecia aerata. They injected the treatment into one half of the patient's head. Some were given PRP and others were given steroid cream. The rest received a placebo.

Every month, patients received three treatments. Their hair growth was monitored by measuring the area where new hairs were growing.

Of all the treatments used, the plasma injections led to the most significant hair regrowth. 

Scientists now hope they can use the same technique in a cream form instead of a needle. 

"We think it can help regrow hair on people with androgenic alopecia. We believe it is the best treatment available, apart from surgery," Dr. Fabio Rinaldi said. 

Nina Goad of the British Association of Dermatologists said, "Alopecia is known to lead to overwhelming effects on the patient's quality of life and self-esteem. This could offer hope to thousands."

Sources: Daily Mail,The Province


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