Schools Banning Bake Sales Because of Obese Kids


Some school districts are banning bake sales because of the national epidemic of childhood obesity. reported that Maryland’s Montgomery County recently banned selling sweets during the school day. Marla Caplon of the county’s food and nutrition services, said: “If a bake sale is going on, it’s reported to administration and it’s taken care of. You can’t sell Girl Scout cookies, candy, cakes, any of that stuff.”

In August, Massachusetts will ban bake sales that sell non-nutritious foods in school and students will no longer be allowed to hand out sugary treats to classmates on their birthdays.

New York City public schools already ban students from selling unapproved home-baked goods, but, oddly, allow some grocery store sweets such as Pop Tarts.

In Fairview High School in Boulder, Colo., students got around their sweet ban, by having 'napkin sales,' which included a cookie hidden in the napkin.

With education cutbacks, some parents say the only wat to fund school activities is via sweet bake sales, but is the price too high?


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