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School Holds Raffle To Get Kids To Eat Healthy Lunches (Video)

Diabetes and obesity among children has skyrocketed in America. In response to the epidemic, Congress passed the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act in 2010. The law allowed the USDA to create federal guidelines for healthier lunches in pubic schools.

However, there have been numerous reports of school children throwing away healthy food. Some parents have even supported their kids' rejection of healthy food.

According to, the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama trended on Twitter in November and included children posting pictures of healthy school lunches they didn't like.

The hatred of the lunches is often used to slam First Lady Michelle Obama, who has advocated for healthy food in schools.

Rather than blame Obama, the Jefferson County School District in Colorado recently came up with a novel idea to get kids to buy healthy lunches (video below).

Children were entered in a "Hungry to Win" contest when they bought a healthy lunch at school.

The prizes included iTunes gift cards, jump ropes, movie tickets, and grand prizes such as iPods and new bikes.

"The food is much healthier," Lori Burris, a lunch facilitator for Jefferson County Schools, told 9 News. "We are lower in salt. We are lower in fat. We have more grain. We have more fresh fruit and vegetables, but it takes a little while for kids to get used to that."

"[The kids are] used to something a little different," added Burris. "So, we wanted to encourage them to come back and try it and show them that it really tastes good. It's just a bit different."

However, conservative media outlets have mocked this effort to encourage children to eat healthy. ran the headline "Colorado school bribes kids to eat Michelle O lunches," while grumbled, "Jefferson County, Colorado Bribing Kids to Eat Their Lunch."

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