School District Teaches Kids that Virginity is like Unused Toothbrush, New Gum


The Canyon Independent School District, located in Canyon, Texas, is telling its teachers to instruct students to remain virgins because people want to marry virgins the same way they want an unused toothbrush or stick of gum.

A Twitter user with the handle "Katie Gustainis Vela" recently tweeted a picture (right) of what is purportedly part of the school district's curriculum:

Encourage students to stay like a new toothbrush, wrapped up and unused.

People want to marry a virgin just like they want a virgin toothbrush or a stick of gum.

The school district's website states that its Reality CHECK classes teach: “Abstinence from sexual activity is presented as the preferred choice of behavior in relationship to sexual activity for adolescents both physically and emotionally."

While Reality CHECK lessons are not sent home with students, parents are allowed to review the lessons, which an unidentified parent did and snapped the picture.

According to, the unidentified parent passed the picture onto another parent, Kristina Drumheller, who shared it with other parents, including Katie Gustainis Vela, who tweeted it.

“When I was sent the picture of the Reality CHECK curriculum, I felt it was important to inform others of what was being taught to the children in this community,” Drumheller told “There is a difference between teaching children about the real consequences of any sexual encounter and teaching them that they become less valuable because they chose to have sex before marriage.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the State of Texas ranked 5th in the country for the highest number of teen pregnancies.

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