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School Bully Urinated on 7-Year-Old Girl in Cafeteria

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A first grader in Bedford, Ohio urinated on a 7-year-old girl in the school cafeteria, reports Fox 8.

"For the past six months, one of the little boys for sure has been bullying her, pulling on her hair," says the girl's mom.

The mom has had several meetings with the teacher, but says the harassment has continued.

Then last week, her daughter told her that some of the boys exposed themselves to her at school and one of the boys urinated on her during lunch time. Her little girl told her: "We sat down. He said, 'I got to use the bathroom' and he peed on my knee."

School principal Terry Lipford said, "We're not denying that happened. Unfortunately, situations like that happen ... we take it very seriously. We are going to investigate her concerns. If there was bullying concerned, we will deal with that."

The boys were suspended for five days.

See the news report here.


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