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School Bans Axe Body Spray After Boy Has Deadly Reaction

While Axe Body Spray is often advertised as being “irresistible,” with commercials featuring beautiful women going crazy for any man wearing it, one student in Pennsylvania finds the spray deadly.

After he had a severe allergic reaction to someone wearing the Axe product at his school, leading to a stay in the hospital, Freedom High School has banned the use of the fragrance.

Officials posted a statement on their site saying the freshman was taken by an ambulance to a hospital for emergency medical treatment after he was exposed to the spray.

It’s not clear what type of reaction he had, or what ingredient he is allergic to, but they know it is extremely dangerous for him to be around.

“This allergy is potentially life threatening for this student,” a statement read.

Principal Michael LaPorta put the letter up on the site after the boy’s parents contacted him.

LaPorta said it is only Axe body spray that he is allergic to, and not other products.

Though he admits it is impossible to address all health concerns for the freshman, as the school consists of 1,900 students, he wants to make sure the environment is as comfortable as possible for him.

He has reportedly made a full recovery from the reaction, but his parents are having him finish up the school year at home to avoid the risk of another exposure.

His parents told LaPorta that all it takes is him walking by a person wearing the body spray for an allergic reaction to be triggered.

The principal said that he also made an automated phone call to everyone at the high school, including students and staff, to tell them to avoid using the spray. They also held class meetings addressing the issue.

He said during his time as school principal he has never encountered someone allergic to a specific fragrance.

“This is the first time that we’ve had anything that’s been oriented around fragrance,” he said.

Axe is also looking into the matter.

“The safety and well-being of those who use our product is always our first priority. We were made aware of a report about an allergic reaction and we are looking into the matter,” a representative of the brand wrote.

Axe has been in headlines before for causing an allergic reaction. Janis Zandi, of Indiana, filed a lawsuit against her son’s school district after he had a reaction to it.

The principal of his school told the mother that all they could do was ask students to limit their use of the fragrance during school hours, and told the mother that her son “just has bad genes.”

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