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Scared Ore. Parents Keep Kids Out of School Where Kyron Horman Vanished

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Over the weekend, we told you about Oregon second-grader Kyron Horman,who vanished from school Friday after an early-morning science fair. He has been missing for five days now.

Yesterday, almost 40 students were absent from Skyline Elementary School. Scared parents are keeping their kids home, reports ABC News.

The FBI and the National Guard have been brought in to investigate the case. Horman's parents are expected to release a statement later today.

The morning that Kyron went missing, there were many parents and visitors in the school for the science fair. They weren't required to sign in, and the school has no video cameras. Kyron has seemingly vanished without a trace.

Anyone with information regarding Kyron Horman's whereabouts is asked to call the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office tip line at (503) 261-2847.

This story just breaks our hearts. It also makes us wonder: How safe are our schools?

If you were a parent at Skyline Elementary School, would YOU send your kids to school this week? Does your kids' school require visitors to sign in?


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