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Saying NO with honesty

This one simple word can be so hurtful, damaging, uncomfortable and unacceptable. I find saying "NO" comes with great difficulty. When we do say "no" we feel the need to give a reason otherwise that No is not valid nor acceptable. Have you noticed how before that dreaded word is spoken there is always an uncomfortable pause be it in speech or body language.

Even after saying it one feels guilty, so how does this help anyone? Both sides are hurting, angry or simply stunned.

To what point will we avoid saying No to our friends, family or co workers. At what cost will we avoid it. Does it not affect one's own integrity or self respect. Are we not hurting the very relationship we are trying to keep and cherish. Is it worth it?

Being the receiver or the giver of the word 'NO' is hard and uncomfortable for both sides. It brings up a whole lot of negative emotions and people begin to question the relationship.

Should'nt we be able to say no to someone without hurting the relationship? Yes its possible, if the friendship or relationship we are in values Honesty.

With honesty comes the freedom to say 'NO' without feeling like you are being lied to. Honesty brings depth, love, integrity and understanding. One is not afraid of saying 'NO'

If your practice eon the mat is filled with compassion and honesty then when you do practice the Yoga of Life off the mat these same qualities will trickle into your everyday life.


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