Saudi Arabian Officials Warn Camels Are Spreading Deadly Disease, Residents Argue Against It Online (Video)

Health officials in Saudi Arabia are warning Middle Easterners of the serious health risks that eating camel meat and drinking milk can cause, but as evident by a number of photos and videos being posted online, Saudi residents are not taking very seriously.

Officials say that the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 139 in a short amount of time, with 480 people infected in total as of the last update. Authorities say that camels are to blame for this deadly virus and are, therefore, warning people not to drink camel milk, eat the meat, or interact with camels while the disease is continuing to spread.

The Saudi people, however, are not taking the advice of government officials very seriously, and in recent days, photos and videos of Saudis interacting with camels have been posted online to make a statement.

“Do sneeze in my face,” says one man sarcastically in a video while he puts his face against the camel’s head. “They claim camels carry the coronavirus.”

Another picture shows a man planting a kiss on a camel to prove that the animal could not be carrying the virus.

While picture and video protests are in rare form, many Saudi nationals are echoing those same sentiments, saying they need proof that the camels are causing the virus to spread.

“Produce a single evidence that camels were the source of the coronavirus,” challenges Abdul Juraiwi Al Qahani, a farmer, to the government.

Both the United Nations and the World Health Organization are holding meetings to try and figure out what is casuing this disease to spread and, subsequently, a large number of casualties.


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