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How Practicing Yoga Helps You be Truthful

Last month we took a look at Ahimsa and leading with compassion as put forth by Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga. This month, we'll explore the yama of Satya, or truthfulness.

Recalling an earlier post "The Truth is...," Patanjali states that when you are established in truth (satya) things will come to you automatically. Satchindananda explains that "All nature loves an honest person. Then you need not run after things, for they will run after you. And if you are always truthful, if no lie comes from your mouth, a time will come when all you say will come true...the more we lead a life of honesty the more we will see the results, and that will encourage us to be more honest."

Keeping this in mind, we strive to incorporate truth in all that we do, whether it is in thought, word or action, so that in the end we become firmly established in truth. This is no easy feat, but with practice and clear intentions, we live an honest, truthful way of living.

To take this a step further, when we practice yoga we go within in order to unite with divinity or inner light. Ultimately we discover that this divinity is Truth and by uniting with this inner light we understand that "I am That" or "I am Truth." In Kundalini yoga, this is expressed as Sat Nam. Sat meaning "truth" and Nam meaning "identify with."  

To be firmly established in truth is to be firmly established in your own true nature. Every time we are dishonest, whether it is with other people or ourselves, we then get further and further away from our true Self. By practicing truthfulness and honesty in our thoughts words and actions, we then come closer to the ultimate Truth.

Follow truth and truth will follow you.


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