Sarah Silverman Explains Why She Does Not Eat Meat


Wherever Sarah Silverman goes, she seems to leave a stream of puzzled people in her wake. Are she and longtime beau, Jimmy Kimmel, on or off today? Is she really getting it on with Matt Damon? Is she Tom Selleck's long-lost sister?

But there is one thing that Sarah makes very clear: She doesn't eat meat. In the November 2009 issue of Marie Claire, the comedian/actress said the following:

"When I was 9 or 10 years old, my dad took me over to a neighboring
farm to help get stuff for the meal. The farmer, Vic, told me to look
at all the turkeys and pick one out. I saw a cute one with a silly walk
and cried, 'Him!' Before my pointing finger had even dropped to my
side, Vic had grabbed the turkey by the neck and slit [the animal's]
throat. Blood and feathers went flying. I had sentenced that turkey to
death! Up until then, I didn't know where meat came from—and I've been
a vegetarian ever since."

Consider that the sight of one turkey being killed for Thanksgiving
Day dinner years ago was enough to convince Sarah to go vegetarian.
Then imagine how you can help lower the body count this Thanksgiving by
sharing information about Butterball's cruelty to millions of turkeys with each and every meat-eater you know.


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