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Sara Ylen Allegedly Lied About Having Cancer and Being Raped

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A Michigan woman was charged Monday with fraud after investigators said she lied to an insurance company about having cancer. A few days prior to that charge, Sara Ylen was accused of filing a false report of rape in September.

In a separate incident, Ylen also accused James Grissom of raping her in a parking lot nearly 10 years ago. Grissom was convicted of the crime, despite the fact that there was no physical evidence.

He was in jail until November, when it was discovered that Ylen had made up sexual assault allegations in California. The information about Ylen’s prior accusations was not available during Grissom’s 2003 trial.

"She's getting what she deserves," Grissom said. "She's ruined my life.” He has been unable to find a job or a place to live since being released from jail.

Ylen was charged with six crimes related to her false cancer claims. Chief assistant prosecutor Brenda Sanford said most of the charges have to do with false insurance claims, although one has to do with Ylen raising more than $1,000 from the public, the Huffington Post reported.  

"Based on a very thorough investigation by the state police, they have not been able to corroborate her claim that she had cancer," Sanford said. "This has been a very long and complicated investigation."

"Ylen identified several physicians that had made a diagnosis of cancer. The investigation revealed that none of the physicians had in fact made that diagnosis," Michigan state police said. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan reportedly paid more than $94,000 in hospice care for Ylen.

Ylen was charged with making a false report of rape and tampering with evidence after her most recent rape accusation. According to investigators, Ylen used makeup to make it seem as if she had bruises.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Times Herald 


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