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Santa Monica, California May Charge Personal Trainers for Outdoor Workouts

The Santa Monica City Council may charge annual fees for exercise classes held on the city’s parks and beaches because of noise and damage complaints by residents.

The city council is considering a proposal that would require fitness trainers to pay a $100 fee and 15 percent of their gross revenues for outdoor training, reports the Associated Press.

Classes may also be limited to two students per trainer, unless trainers provide proof of insurance on top of the proposed fees.

Karen Ginsberg, Director of  Santa Monica's Community and Cultural Services Department, told the Associated Press: “Some people have also expressed concerns about people operating a business on city land and putting the city at risk of liability because they aren’t carrying insurance."

Citizens say that grass and benches are damaged by weights or other equipment being tied to them, forcing runners or passers-by to navigate an obstacle course.

But some trainers said they already pay Santa Monica for permits and licenses to operate their businesses, on top of their own insurance and CPR certification fees.


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