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Sandy Hook Gun Legislation Scares Gun Manufacturer Out of Connecticut

After the Sandy Hook shooting, Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy (D), passed sweeping gun control laws to better protect against similar tragedies. Since then, gun manufacturers based in the state have been looking elsewhere to set up shop.

PTR Industries, a weapons manufacturer, will be one of the first to depart. The formal announcement will take place next week at a ribbon cutting ceremony in South Carolina, according to The Sun News of Myrtle Beach.

The new location will be in Cool Springs Business Park in Horry County. The eager city council receiving the company has already approved a resolution detailing the move.

“I’m excited to get it to this point,” said Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus.

According to PTR’s chief executive officer, Josh Fiorini, the move will take about three years and the majority of the business’ 140 employees will be relocated from Connecticut to South Carolina.

In addition to PTR, Stage Arms, another Connecticut gun manufacturer, is contemplating a move to the same area. Mark Malkowski, chief executive officer of Stage Arms, has planned to visit the area as a possible relocation spot.

According to Fiorini, PTR pays an average of $22 an hour to its employees, many of whom are highly skilled. Wages will likely be less for people hired from Horry County, however, as they will need to be trained in how to make the guns.

Sources: New Haven Register, Myrtle Beach Online


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