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San Antonio Couple Raise Money For Wife's Kidney Transplant By Selling Burgers

A San Antonio couple is selling burgers so they can pay for a kidney transplant after having some medical problems. reported that Juan Trevino's wife, Monica, had to terminate a pregnancy with twins when she discovered she could lose her life if she carried them to term, due to a medical issue.

"When you see that person next to you dying that's when you really mean it," Juan Trevino, 37-year-old father of four, told KENS 5.

Monica is now suffering from kidney failure, and needs to raise money to get a transplant. The couple is afraid that if they don't raise enough, they will lose her.

The Trevinos own a San Antonio restaurant that has been transformed into a house of horrors-theme.

Juan and Monica have been together for 19 years, but unless she gets a kidney transplant, she'll be gone in two years.

"We can be talking right now and tomorrow she could be on life support," said Juan.

Monica has been on life support three times. Her condition is called vasculitis, in which her white cells attack red cells.

Monica tells KENS 5 that her body is rejecting dialysis, and the family is desperate to pay for surgery. They're hoping that selling barbecue hamburger will raise enough money for her kidney transplant.

"It already attacked my kidneys so my lungs are next," said Monica.

They need $38,000 to pay for what insurance doesn't cover, but they have raised $2,000 so far, plus the funds on a "Monica's Medical Miracle" website.

Raising money is only the beginning. Monica also needs a matching kidney from a donor.

All of the proceeds will go directly to help Monica undergo surgery.


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