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Working Out, Eating Right, Still Feeling Fat? Culprit Could be Salt

You're working out hard, eating right, even beginning to see some definition. Then the next day, it seems to disappear! What the heck? Ask yourself what you ate. The culprit could be SALT. Too much sodium in your nutrition causes the body to hold onto extra water and give you that *fluffy* look. And although it isn't fat, it feels like it. The daily allowed sodium recommendation is 2,300 mg (best if it's less - about 1,500); most Americans eat about 3,500 mg a day! Certainly there is naturally occurring sodium in food, but most is from our restaurants and grocery stores.

High Sodium Foods You Didn't Expect

• Typical burger and fries - aprox. 1,500 mg

• Some "healthy" cereals have up to 300 mg per cup

• Grocery store spaghetti sauce - aprox 900-1500 mg per cup

• Canned soup -aprox1000 mgs and up

• Some whole grain bagels - 450 mgs

• Vegetable juice - aprox 600 mgs

• Regular menu selections are loaded with sodium often several thousand mgs per meal. Check the "healthy" restaurant selections. A lot of extra salt is added to make it taste good.

Foods that have 200 mgs of sodium and over *per serving*, especially if it's a small serving, should be watched carefully. It you decide to eat it, then limit your sodium intake throughout the rest of your day. Or better yet, look for low, or no-sodium alternatives. There's no-sodium chicken broth (great for cooking) and low sodium soy sauce.

If you're not careful, the amount of sodium you eat in a day can exceed the recommend allowance for a WEEK and wreak havoc on your sharp physique.

by Heather Frey, 
Founder and President of, TV Fitness Expert, Motivationalist, CPT, Writer, Artist, Spokesperson, Fitness Model, National Figure Competitor

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