Mom Kills Baby for Interrupting Facebook "FarmVille" Game

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I almost choked on my bagel when I read this one! So sad and thoroughly disturbing! reports that a young Jacksonville mom pleaded guilty to second degree murder for shaking her son, 3-month-old Dylan Lee Edmondson, to death because she was peeved he'd interrupted her game of "FarmVille," the popular Facebook game!

The most disturbing part? She stopped to smoke a butt in between two shaking fits!

The young mom, 22-year-old Alexandra Tobias, told authorities she was so frustrated with her son's crying that she shook him, lit up a butt to "compose herself," and then proceeded to shake him again. She called for help after the baby stopped breathing, first telling cops that he'd hit his head after a dog knocked him off the couch. Her son's cause of death was later determined to be "abusive head trauma."

What ON EARTH could drive a mom to kill her own baby over something as ridiculous as "FarmVille"? To try to wrap our minds around this travesty, we turned to our expert and friend Dr. Michelle Golland, a licensed clinical psychologist, who speculates that Tobias snapped under the grips of grief and addiction.

"As we know, gaming and video-game addiction is a real issue for many people," says Dr. Golland. "The hallmark of an addiction is that it interferes with daily functioning and other parts of your life are neglected. Clearly, Alexandra had an issue with impulse control and possibly an addiction to 'FarmVille,' which may have contributed to her out-of-control rage at her 3-month-old son."

Addiction aside, grief may have been another factor that fueled the fire: Dr. Golland has learned that Tobias' own mother had died recently, and that Tobias was the one who found her. "She may have been having complicated grief issues that contributed to her gaming addiction, [using it] as an avoidance technique to push away the intense sadness and pain because of the death of her mother," says Dr. Golland. "It may seem extremely counterintuitive that she would then kill her own child, but she may have actually believed that without her mother around, she was incapable of being a mother."

SUCH a horrible, painful story!


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