Sacramento Man Jailed After Calling 911 Over 100 Times In a Month

A Sacramento man was arrested after repeatedly calling 911 for help, claiming the government is sending satellite signals into his body to mess with him.

Jimmy Shao, 56, calls 911 over 100 times in a month, tying up the emergency hotline and annoying dispatchers with his long-winded rants, according to police. After warnings from police to stop calling, Shao was arrested for his abuse of the hotline.

"He was told to stop making those calls and to use non-emergency lines and he refused to do so," Sacramento Police Officer Michele Gigante said.

But according to Shao, who spoke with KTXL-TV after posting bail, it’s the government’s fault because their satellite pings are causing his body severe pain.

"They squeeze my brain, they press my stomach, they stir my intestines," Shao said.

Dispatchers often deal with ridiculous calls, but Shao’s persistence and the length of his calls, usually tying up lines for up to seven minutes at a time, led to the dispatchers contacting police regarding his behavior.

"He was annoying and harassing dispatchers," Gigante said about Shao.

Shao claims he’s not crazy; his ex wife made him see a psychiatrist, who, according to Shao, says he’s mentally sane.

Regardless of his arrest, Shao is still determined to harass 911 dispatchers and has called at least three times since getting out of jail.

"911 is probably the only place where I can reach for public help to rescue me from the satellite control," he claims, but has not pursued any other means of blocking the government’s satellite pings.

Police say that if he does keep calling, he’ll get put in jail again for abusing the service. 

Sources: Daily News, Fox News


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