Sabrina Morton Accused of Clawing Boyfriend's Testicles

Sabrina Morton has been accused by authorities of clawing the testicles of her live-in boyfriend Nicholas Bailey in their Spartanburg, South Carolina home.

Bailey was left “bleeding from his genital area” by Morton, according to a police report.

Bailey and Morton allegedly got into a fight when Bailey returned to the couple’s home drunk early on Sunday morning, reports TheSmokingGun.com.

According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s police report, Morton said that Bailey pulled out some of her hair, so "in return she grabbed Mr. Bailey by the testicles causing laceration and bleeding."

When police arrived, they called an ambulance for Bailey’s injuries.

Bailey and Morton were both charged with domestic violence, booked into the jail and freed after posting bond.

Source: TheSmokingGun.com and Turner.com


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