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Ryan Dobson Claims IRS May Deny Medical Care to Dr. James Dobson (Audio)

Ryan Dobson, son of Christian conservative Dr. James Dobson, recently claimed on the "End Times" radio show that the same IRS employees that targeted some Tea Party groups could somehow deny medical care to his dad under Obamacare because "he is now at an age where they would deny a lot of those claims assuming that he’s not productive" (audio below).

However, there is no part of Obamacare that suggests non-productive people will be denied health care coverage.

Dobson was also alarmed that the U.S. government would have access to people's medical records under Obamacare, but failed to mention that the U.S. government has had this access for years under the Patriot Act signed by President Bush, noted the ACLU.

Dobson also failed to mention the millions of insured Americans who are routinely denied health coverage by their insurance company, even in instances of life-threatening conditions.

According to, Dobson told radio host Rick Wiles: "The person that was targeting conservative groups now can have access to every single medical record that’s ever been documented on every American. That is scary."

"...That’s what they’re looking for. And what are they going to do with that? You can’t trust them. Clearly they are targeting people. Are they going to use that to embarrass people? Are they going to use it to deny claims and benefits?"

"My dad is seventy-seven, he’s had a heart attack, he’s had a stroke, he’s had cancer and he’s healthier today than he was twenty years ago. He works out every single day, he eats right, he exercises, he goes to his doctors and yet under Obamacare, if he has another stroke or if he’s got medical complications he is now at an age where they would deny a lot of those claims assuming that he’s not productive."

Sources: and ACLU


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