Russian Teenager Sells Her Virginity For $30,000


An 18-year-old Russian girl known only as Shatuniha auctioned off her virginity for $30,000, describing her condition as “new, not used.”

In the description of her post she noted that she could go to a hotel at Predmostnaya Square with a document confirming her virginity. She would arrive with a person who would take the cash, then she'd remain at the hotel with the buyer.

According to a Siberian newspaper, the girl reported that she was in desperate need of money. She added that she could meet the purchaser at any time.

“I am in urgent need of money,” she said, “so I am selling the most precious thing I posess.”

The buyer, a man allegedly known as Evgeniy Volnov, paid 100,000 rubles. His purchasing price was $3,100 over the starting price.

Russian police have said they are in no position to make an arrest since the girl’s actions do not qualify as prostitution under the Code of Administrative Violations. They added that they could not make a moral assessment of the girl’s decisions.

In April, the same girl appeared to sell her virginity on another site. She described herself as almost 18, living in Krasnoyarsk and willing to sell her virginity at an expensive price to “someone who can properly appreciate it”.

Sources: The Inquisitir, Daily Mail


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