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Russian Police: Teen Dies After Playing Video Game For 22 Days Straight

A Russian teen who reportedly became fixated on an online video game and played it for for 22 consecutive days died from complications related to sitting too long, authorities have said. 

The 17-year-old, who is only identified by the name Rustam, had recently broken his leg and had been playing the game “Defense of the Ancients” nearly non-stop, according to the Russian news outlet BlokNot as reported by the Mirror. 

He is said to have slumped over his keyboard on Aug. 30 while playing the game at his home in Uchaly, in the Republic of Bashkortostan, according to Yahoo News. 

He was rushed to a nearby hospital but declared dead on arrival. 

Local police spokeswoman Svetlana Abramova confirmed the information. 

“In the last 22 days it is suspected he played the game almost all the time, stopping only to take a nap and grab a snack,” she said, according to the Mirror. “Since August 8 he had a broken leg and has spent all his time at home playing computer games.”

Doctors reportedly believe the teen died from a deep vein thrombosis. The condition occurs when a blood clot forms in a deep vein — usually in a leg — after a person has remained sitting for a long time, according to WFXT News. If the clot breaks free and travels elsewhere in the body it can be fatal.

Investigators in Russia say they believe the teen had played the game more than 2,000 hours in the last 18 months. 

Pavel Astakhov, described by the Mirror as a “Russian representative for children,” said video game addiction is a growing concern.

“It is important to follow what your kids are doing,” he said. “In the case of the 17-year-old, it is suspected he spent what was the equivalent of 83 whole days online out of the past year and a half. A dependence on computer games is one of biggest dangers for the kids nowadays.”

“Defense of Ancients” is a multi-player battle-style computer game that is an add-on for the game “Warcraft III.”

Sources: Mirror, BlokNot, Yahoo News, WFXT News

Photo credit: BlokNot, WFXT News


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