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Russian Lawmaker Mikhail Degtyaryov Proposes Paid Leave For Women On Their Periods

A Russian politician has proposed a draft law that would give women two days of paid leave each month when they are on their periods. Mikhail Degtyaryov, a member of the nationalist LDPR party, wrote on his website that he had suggested a law to parliament that would increase the protection of women at the workplace.

"During that period [of menstruation], most women experience psychological and physiological discomfort," said Degtyaryov, 32. "The pain for the fair sex is often so intense that it is necessary to call an ambulance." Degtyaryov is married and has two sons.

Even though he is polling at less than 1 percent support, Degtyaryov is technically a candidate to become the next mayor of Moscow. Elections are scheduled to be held in September. He claims that pain during menstruation increased fatigue, reduced memory, harmed efficiency at work and provoked distinct emotional discomfort, NBC News reported.

Human rights campaigners have already dismissed Degtyaryov’s proposal as sexist.

"This argument is obviously improper, unreasonable and nothing close to being serious," said Anna Sobko, a lawyer at Russia's oldest human rights group.

Marina Pisklakova-Parker runs women's group, Anna Center. She said that Degtyaryov’s proposal is ridiculous.

"If we are seriously debating women's efficiency at work during menstruation, we should also consider how fit for work men are after a drinking bout," she said.

Sources: NBC News, MSN News


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