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Russian Brown Bears Found to Be Addicted to the Smell of Aviation Fuel

Apparently, humans aren’t the only creatures known to get high. 

Bears in a Russian nature reserve have discovered the smell of aviation fuel from left-behind kerosene and gasoline containers. According to The Daily Mail, the bears will sniff the fuel until they pass out, or dig a hole in a spot with the strongest smell and lay in it in the ‘nirvana’ position.

Russian photographer, Igor Shpilenok, 52, spent seven months observing and photographing the bears, and discovered this odd behavior.

The brown bears live in the Kronotsky Nature Preserve in Russia. The fuel is used by workers for power generators and helicopters, and when the nature reserve workers don’t return quickly enough to pick up the containers, the bears take them away instead.

“In [one] case a helicopter brought a few barrels of gasoline. Workers of the nature reserve didn't take them in time and a female bear named Suzemka — who is apparently fascinated by the smell of fuel — used the opportunity,” said Shpilenok. “She seems to be one of the addicts.”

Sometimes, according to Shpilenok, the bears even wait under hovering helicopters for drops of fuel to hit the ground so they can soak in the smell.

Sources: TVNZ, Daily Mail 

Photo Credit: English Russia


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