Russel and Brandi Bellew Avoid Jail, Let Son to Die from Burst Appendix

Russel and Brandi Bellew avoided jail after admitting that they allowed their 16-year-old son, Austin Sprout, die because they chose to pray away his burst appendix instead of taking him to a hospital in Creswell, Oregon, last December.

The Bellews' son Austin (pictured below) died a painful death from a burst appendix after suffering from appendicitis for a week.

Instead of jail, the couple was sentenced to five years probation after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors. They were originally charged with second-degree manslaughter, reports the Daily Mail.

The couple, who have six children, are members of the General Assembly and the Church of the First Born in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, which teaches that faith healing and prayer will cure disease. The six children were removed from the Bellews' home by social workers.

Without medical care, an appendix can burst and leak bile into the body, which results in dangerous infections and possible death.

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