Rush Limbaugh: Planned Parenthood 'Injected Some Kind Of A Germ' Into Morning-After Pill To Force Abortions


Rush Limbaugh theorized Monday that Planned Parenthood is responsible for making the morning-after pill less effective for women over 165 pounds because they want those women to have an abortion.

On his radio segment “Big, Fat Warning: Plan B Won’t Work for Large Ladies,” Limbaugh said pregnant ladies over 165 pounds will be told “you’re not only fat” but get referred to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program.

“Weight data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that, at 166 pounds, the average American woman is too heavy to use these pills effectively. So European women can get away with it up to 176 pounds for some reason, but American women can't. The lack of effectiveness kicks in at 166 pounds. So American women are discriminated against by the Plan B pill by 10 pounds.”

The actual warning that will now appear on labels for Europe’s version of Plan B, which is manufactured by a French pharmaceutical company, doesn’t discriminate between women from different countries.

It says that the pill becomes less effective at 166 pounds and may not be effective at all at 176 pounds or more. According to the CDC, the average weight for an American female is 166 pounds. No such warning appears on American versions of the drug, which can be taken up 72 hours after having sex.

“So you go to the doctor and the doctor's gonna say, ‘You know what? You're not only fat, you're pregnant, and Plan B won't work for you,’ and then you're gonna be directed to Michelle's (My Belle's) Let's Move program,” Limbaugh said.

He said if a “170-pound woman gets pregnant” she will have two options: “she can either go on a diet or she can get an abortion.”

“So what are the possibilities that Planned Parenthood injected some kind of a germ into these pills to make 'em not work on women over 166 pounds?” he asked. “I like putting my own conspiracy theories out there just to toy with people. But Planned Parenthood's gonna be a clear beneficiary here of this little factoid about Plan B not working in women over 166 pounds. Just a little thought.”

The non-profit Planned Parenthood Federation of America does not manufacture drugs.

Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, which is headquartered in Israel.

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