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Ridiculous: Rush Limbaugh Slams Michelle Obama for Dining on Ribs

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is taking pot shots at First Lady Michelle Obama over her campaign to stop childhood obesity. Limbaugh took issue with Mrs. Obama for taking her family out to dine on ribs when she was supposed to be setting a healthy example for the children of America.

"The problem is -- and dare I say this -- it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice," Limbaugh said on his February 21 radio show. "And then we hear that she's out eating ribs at 1,500 calories a serving with 141 grams of fat per serving, yeah it does -- what do you mean, what do I mean?

"What is it - no, I'm trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or of a woman [professional baseball player] Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you. I mean, women are under constant pressure to look lithe, and Michelle My Belle is out there saying if you eat the roots and tree bark and the berries and all this cardboard stuff you will live longer, be healthier and you won't be obese. Okay, fine, show us."

Is Limbaugh saying that one "cheat" meal means Mrs. Obama doesn't practice what she preaches? Even doctors and weight-loss specialists say dieters can't be perfect all the time: cheats and treats are good occasionally, because depriving yourself for too long may result in frustration and lead to binging on unhealthy food.

Limbaugh can't mean that Michelle Obama is fat, can he? Has he looked at her muscular arms lately? And why would Mrs. Obama want to look like a swimsuit model? The First Lady has more important tasks to accomplish than working out several hours a day to hone her body to camera-ready perfection. It's a feat that she can exercise moderately and still look as good as she does.

Also, it's fairly certain that Mrs. Obama is not advocating that children strive to grow up to look like A-Rod's latest arm candy, which recently has included actresses Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson. These women are extremely slender, and project a body image that's unrealistic for the vast majority of women.

It seems that if Limbaugh really wants to make the point that Michelle Obama's rib-noshing is setting a bad example, he should say just that, and stay away from cheap, nonsensical jibes involving her body shape and her goals for young people's bodies.


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