Running With Blisters: Run Through Pain, or Stop?

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Over the long weekend I received the following question from a reader who is training for the More/Fitness 1/2 Marathon in April:

“Fit Chick, your #1 fan has a running question for you. I’m training for a half marathon in April, and today I did my first 8-mile run (yay!). Around mile 2, I started noticing a very minor blister on the arch of my foot, and by mile 6 every step was painful. I finished the run anyway, but now I have to let the blister heal for several days before running again. My question to you: Should I have finished the run, to stay on track with my plan? Or should I have stopped and walked home when it got too painful? Thanks Fit Chick!”

First off congrats on completing your longest run!!! Secondly, good question.

Personally, I too would have finished the run. If it were to happen in a race obviously, you would have pushed through to the finish. Being as strange things like that always seem to happen on race day, it was great race day prep to have pushed through the pain to complete the mileage.

However, during training if something is that painful even a blister, one should probably stop the run. Your goal should be to make it to race day well trained and as healthy as possible. Since your race is still about 6 weeks away, you still would have plenty of time to make up for a missed long run.

I hope your blister heels quickly!

What about you? Would you have finished the run or would you have headed back home?


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