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Runaway Mom Tiffany Tehan: I Felt Pressure to be Perfect

Runaway mom Tiffany Tehan, 31, says a "pressure to be perfect" prompted her to abandon her husband and one-year-old daughter for another man.

In an interview with "Good Morning America," Tehan said she left her family because she was "feeling pretty overwhelmed with life, the pressures of work and raising a one-year-old." She admitted that "it was a very foolish decision" to run away.

Tehan and Tre Hutcherson hatched a plan to run away together when they rendezvoused at the gas-station convenience store where they'd first met. Hutcherson then broke up with his wife via text message.

Tehan said she "missed [her daughter] like crazy," and did not take the child with her only because she didn't want to trigger an Amber Alert. "In all of this, I didn't want to do anything illegal," she said. She has visited with her daughter Lexie only once she returned from south Florida last week.


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