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Rules Of Safe Sleep Will Make You Think Twice Before Sharing Bed With Your Baby (Video)

Some parents love to snuggle with their baby, but sharing the same bed with your child can lead to major risks.

Every year, over 50 percent of infant deaths are due to unsafe sleep environments, according to a police officer in a YouTube video (below), titled “Safe Sleep for Baby.”

That is why parents should follow the ABC Rules for Sleeping Babies to keep their child safe during bedtime:

A- Babies need to sleep Alone.

B- Babies need to sleep on their Back.

C- Babies need to sleep in their own Crib.

According to the Associated Press, too many babies are at risk of suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and sudden unexpected infant death (SUID). The majority of these cases occur in babies 2-4 months old.

SIDS deaths is in decline thanks to the government’s “Back to Sleep” campaign, which emphasizes the importance of putting babies to sleep on their backs, not stomachs.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Institutes of Health and safety experts have also warned parents for decades against using soft bedding in cribs, either over or under the baby, including blankets, quilts, bumpers, pillows and soft toys.

To keep the baby warm, safe sleepwear is advised, including one-piece sleepers, and maintain comfortable temperatures for each room.

As the Independent Journal Review notes, new parents never want to put their baby down, but babies can be just as comfortable sleeping safely on their backs, alone in their cribs.

Check out the one-minute clip below:

Sources: Associated PressIndependent Journal Review / Photo Credit: CityofBothell/YouTube, quinn.anya/Flickr


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