1. I didn't say thousands (an exaggeration) of women but numerous cases (Pub Med documents some of them). Toxic shock can and does happen not only from ruptured contaminated implants but from infected implants as well. As you've mentioned, infected implants are not uncommon. If you are one of those cases, it’s one too many. Infection remains a serious risk with all implanted medical devices.

2.  I’m not a MD but even I have seen infected, blackened implants contaminated with bacteria. Seek and ye shall find.

3. Agreed. Implants last for a limited period of time and that time differs from person to person. All will need to be replaced, which requires additional surgeries that come with its own risks. Scar capsule remain a big problem as they can calcify created rough edges along the edge that interfaces with the implant, increasing the likelihood of rupture. In addition, FDA has recently come out with a warning of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL associated with breast implants capsules. Found at:

Yes, it may be relatively rare but if you get it - it’s not rare enough. Another example of playing Russian roulette with your health.

4. Saline vs silicone. Safer is relative, since infection and rupture occur more often in saline than in silicone implants. Also, saline is very drying to the implant shell, which is probably why it ruptures more frequently than silicone. But silicone can silently rupture creating its own set of health problems. The saline solution inside breast implants is like any other saline solution – it will expire after a period of time because of the increase in bacterial growth. Think primordial slime.

4..  Exactly, kudos for telling the truth. Who knows what kinds of chemicals, preservatives, or other things are used in the manufacturer of silicone and saline implants that could be detrimental  to human health. The manufacturers do not really give you a list of ingredients or explain to doctors or patients what is in them. What will be the effects of these unknown ingredients once they leach into your body after 10 to 15 years?

Human survival and evolution has depended on our bodies knowing what is “self” and what is “non-self.” What is “our” biological systems from “other” biological systems such as bacterial and virus. Having an implanted medical device that will age and degrade inside your body is not advised or recommended for those who value their good health now and in the future.


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