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Royal-to-be Kate Middleton Spurs "The Dukan Diet"

Any connection to the royal family is gold. Case in point -- a French diet book called "The Dukan Diet." It was a mild hit, but now it is an international sensation because of one casual mention.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, back in October the mother of royal bride Kate Middleton told a British reporter that she was using the book's methods to lose weight. That set off a firestorm, resulting in 10 million books being sold.

The diet has been linked in the media to other celebrities, but only Carole Middleton confirms she is actually using it.

Dr. Pierre Dukan said he is flattered by the attention his diet has been getting as a result of its royal connection.

The diet is similar to the Atkins diet which eschews carbohydrates.

“It’s efficient, it’s simple, there’s no hunger,” Dukan said. “It’s a low-frustration diet.”

The diet is based on the premise that big eaters can’t ration their food, and people who want to lose weight need immediate results to maintain motivation.

While the book is flying off the shelves, health officials have issued warnings. France’s National Agency for Food, Environmental and Work Health Safety has identified the diet as one of 15 imbalanced and potentially risky diets. The British Dietetic Association called it one of the five worst diets of 2011.

Dukan dismissed the criticism, saying all diets are unbalanced -- that’s how you lose weight, he claimed. And he said any nutrient deficiencies caused by the diet would be temporary.


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