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Roundup: Threat Against Doctor Wasn't a "True Threat"

Forty Days of Harassment Claims Success; Planned Parenthood of the Heartland expanding; woman who threatened Kansas abortion provider says it wasn't a "true threat."

  • Anti-choicers claim that during this year’s 40 Days for Life Harassment campaign, 483 women were convinced not to terminate their pregnancies. But how do they really know that the women didn’t come back the next day? Or that they were coming in for a pap smear, and were too intimidated by protesters to keep their health appointment?
  • Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is planning a major expansion over the next five years, adding 12 clinics in Nebraska and Iowa. Anti-abortion activists and lawmakers in Nebraska are pushing for a ban on telemedicine in the state as applied to medical abortion, in advance of Planned Parenthood’s expansion.
  • A woman who sent a threatening letter to Kansas abortion provider Dr. Mila Means says she wasn’t making a “true threat” against the doctor, nor does she believe in violence against others. Some text from her letter?
    Thousands of people are already looking into your background. They will know your habits and routines. They know where you shop, who your friends are, what you drive, where you live. You will be checking under your car everyday - because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it.Sounds like a threat to me.

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