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Roundup: Four Percent of U.S. Population Identifies as LGBT

Four percent of population is LGBT; Ohio student cannot distribute abortion/breast cancer flyers in a classroom; the Candies Foundation defends payment to Bristol Palin; should sexual orientation be included in medical records?

  • Nearly 4% of the U.S. populations is openly LGBT, according to research by the Williams Institute, a Los Angeles-based think tank. An even higher percentage of people say they have had a same-sex sexual experience, and even more admit to same-sex attraction.
  • An Ohio college student who distributed flyers to her classmates on the supposed links between abortion and breast cancer is saying the school violated her first amendment rights by disallowing her from doing so in the future. The school, Sinclair Community College, has a policy prohibiting the distribution of literature inside classrooms.
  • The Candies Foundation defends its payments to Bristol Palin, saying she worked tremendously hard for the organization for the past two years. Candies also says that its purpose is not to make grants, but to raise awareness.
  • A new study from the Institute of Medicine suggests that a patient’s sexual orientation and gender identity should be included in medical records. Researchers cite the increased risk of suicide, substance abuse, and depression among LGBT teens, along with needing to better understand the health needs of the LGBT population as reasons to include the information in a medical record.

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