Roundup: Bristol Makes a Quarter Million as Abstinence Spokesperson


The Candies Foundation pays Bristol $262k but grants only $35k for teen pregnancy prevention; the FBI releases 10-year old threats against Dr. Tiller; Delaware may enact parental consent; Illinois cannot force pharmacies to distribute emergency contraception.

  • Bristol Palin made $262,500 last year as a spokesperson for teen abstinence on behalf of the Candies Foundation. Her salary is about ten times as much as the foundation spent on grants to teen abstinence programs ($35,000). Candies also spent $165,000 on a television ad featuring Palin with Jersey Shore personality Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, a fellow Dancing with the Stars cast member, discussing abstinence. The Situation wisely advises Palin to carry a condom just in case a “situation” arises. She declines.
  • The FBI has released 10-year old files showing the Dr. George Tiller had his life threatened by anti-abortion terrorists numerous times. Tiller was assassinated in his church in May 2009.  
  • A Delaware lawmaker is proposing the state enact a parental consent law. Currently, the state has a parental notification requirement when a girl 16 or younger wants to terminate a pregnancy.
  • An Illinois court ruled yesterday that the state cannot force pharmacy owners to stock and distribute emergency contraception if the owner claims doing so violates his or her morals or religious beliefs. In his ruling, the judge wrote, “… the Court heard no evidence of a single person who ever was unable to obtain emergency contraception because of a religious objection.”

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