Roundup: Anti-Choice Group Sues Wisconsin Library for Not Showing Movie


40 Days for Life is suing a library who declined to show an anti-abortion documentary that would disrupt normal library functions, could allowing HIV-positive people donate organs save lives, and three cheers for the NBA and WNBA for AIDS education!

  • 40 Days for Life is suing a Wausau, Wisconsin, library in federal court after the library director decided that showing the anti-abortion documentary Blood Money would cause a disruption in library services due to protests. The library’s policy allows him to decline or cancel events that would affect library patrons. A lawyer for 40 Days for Life had first appealed to the county, who said the library director was within his rights, and offered an alternate space to show the movie, which the lawyer said was not acceptable.
  • Could allowing HIV-positive people to donate organs to HIV-positive people on a transplant list help save lives? A recently published study in the American Journal of Transplantation says yes. One researcher involved in the study said, “Instead of discarding the otherwise healthy organs of HIV-infected people when they die, those organs could be available for HIV-positive candidates.
  • Three cheers for the NBA and WNBA for highlighting HIV/AIDS education at several games this past month.  Last night the LA Clippers invited the Black AIDS Institute and the LA Department of Health to distribute health information and a new public service message was debuted at halftime.  (The Clippers lost to the Mavericks.)

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