Rosemary Siggins, 2 Feet 6 Inches, Travels by Skateboard

Rosemary Siggins stands at 2 feet 6 inches due to a rare disorder called sacral agenesis, reports the Daily Mail.

Siggins, who had the lower half of her body removed when she was two, learned to walk on her hands but then started to use her skateboard.

Siggins told Closer magazine: "My skateboard’s so important to me, it is the difference between feeling trapped and feeling free. I couldn’t get by without it. And the kids think it’s cool!"

She has two children Luke and Shelby, and drives them to school in a specially adapted car.

Siggins said: "When Luke was young, we’d skateboard together. At first, he wasn’t able to stand on the board, so he’d sit and push with his hands like me."

She was given prosthetic legs at the age of six, but found them painful:  "I annoyed the hell out of my teachers, as they’d find my legs left around the school where I’d slipped out of them and got on my skateboard."

Siggins and her husband Dave were not sure if she would be able to have kids: "When I went to see my specialist, they told me no one with sacral agenesis had ever gone full term and said a baby could crush my internal organs.One doctor even advised an abortion, but I refused."

"I knew the chances of passing on my condition were almost nil. Luckily, it was an easy pregnancy and Luke was born healthy by C-section in January 1999." She went on to have daughter Shelby six years later.

Here's an extensive video on Rosemary and her condition.

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