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Ronald Eugene Robinson Arrested for Returning Used Enemas to CVS

Ronald Eugene Robinson was indicted on federal product tampering charges for allegedly returning used enemas to the shelves of the CVS pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida.

Prosecutors claimed that Robinson bought the enemas at CVS between April and June, reports

After using the enemas, Robinson allegedly placed the enemas back into their boxes and returned the products for refunds. Later, the used enemas were accidentally sold by CVS unsuspecting customers.

In June, CVS employee Dustin McDonald told Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office deputies that Robinson claimed that he purchased the enemas for his mother, but "she no longer needed them."

McDonald checked the boxes of enemas that Robinson returned and found that three boxes of enemas were previously used. An FBI analysis later revealed “fecal matter was located on some of the returned enema bottles.”

If convicted of the felony crimes, Robinson faces a maximum of ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


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