These Parents Are Traveling Across The World, Looking To Market Their Bodybuilding Children

One Romanian family’s plan to exercise their children into fortune and fame is not going so well.

You may have stumbled across Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe at some point in your internet browsing over the last couple years. Giuliano, 9, and Claudiu, 7, are two ridiculously ripped young men. Their father, Iulian Stroe, has the boys on a strict daily weightlifting regiment with the hopes that they will become international (and money-making) phenomenons.

Stroe routinely posts YouTube videos and photos of his boys performing athletic feats typically reserved for people three times their age. If not for the fact that these are clearly little kids, you would think you were looking at a couple of aspiring competitive bodybuilders.

Check out this video of the boys exercising and flexing to their father’s approval:

Despite the undeniable fact that Giuliano and Claudiu are capable of incredible things, people around the world do not seem keen on supporting their training. A quick glance at the comments on news stories and YouTube videos about the boys shows many people fear the Stroe kids are being forced to endure way too intense a training regimen at way too young an age. It seems people think the boys are being forced to work to fulfill a dream that belongs to their parents -- not them. 

It is for these reasons that Iulian Stroe’s efforts to showcase his boys have been unsuccessful. Stroe moved his family to Italy several years ago with hopes of finding an audience to support his sons and his family, but he had no such luck. The family then moved back to Romania, where they have been since.

Now, Iulian is on the move again. This time he is headed to England, where he will look for both work and a sponsorship for his sons.

“My husband will go abroad to earn money, as a builder or labourer, and we will use it all for our sons,” mother Ileana Stroe said.

Like her husband, Ileana defends the boys training as something they were destined to do.

“They have a natural ability for this, nothing is forced, it is what God intended for them,” she said.

We will see if the people of England agree. 

Here are a few more pictures of the boys:

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Sources: Mail Online, Croatian Times


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